Monday, 28 May 2012

Sahara Desert - The Bedouin


The Bedouin people has placed their long lives living in Sahara Desert. They are a big communitiy who have spread all over North Africa. The areas that they have spread through are Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Chad, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Yemen and Oman. Altogether, the Bedouin population consists about 4million people.


For the past 100 few hundred years, the climate of the Sahara desert was wet and dry. During the last glacial period, the Sahara desert has extended bigger than today, spreading south beyond its boundaries. During 1992, Libya have exceeded the highest temperature record of 58 degrees celsius. Regurlary it is very hot during day time, but it is extremely cold at night. Commonly at night time, the Sahara desert drops to a 0 degrees celsius.


The Community in the Sahara desert is called the Bedouin. They have spread all over North Africa. Life for the Bedouin people is extremely hard due to the lack of rain. The Bedouin may live in high mountains, or among the dunes or, most commonly, on the open,stony plains. They do not have proper shelter and there is not even a grass area nearby.


The lifestyle for the Bedouin people in the Sahara desert is extremely hard.They work every single day to keep living. Most of their work involves sitting all day and watching their flocks and herds grazing. Everyone has a different type of job to do everyday. Mens take out their camels in the morning and the women and children look after the sheep and goats. Also, the girls and small children spend parts of their time collecting brushwoods for fire at night and bring it home in bundles. Milk and herds products from their flocks is the main part of the living of the Bedouin people. A Bedouin meal consist a bowl of milk or yoghurt. The main meal at night is usually rice flavoured with butter. Meat can only be eaten a few time of the year because of special occasion. Such as a festival or for a guest.

Leaders of The Bedouin

Since 1969-2001. Sheikh Salem is the leader of the tribe that has considerable power, but must always respect other tribal leaders. Sheikh Salem is often called up to resolve problems or to act like a champion to resolve differences. He is still remember now for his honesty and loyalty. He worked very hard to ensure that the Bedouin people were guided through their lifes and were supported. He has made a great change to people who belong to the Bedouin tribe.

The Bedouin People Moving On To Different Things

Some of the Bedouin people stay in one place for about 5 months until they move to a new place. In summer, they would choose a location that is near water. They travel for about nine hours a day. They use camels,horses and donkeys to transport things. Long long time ago, they did not have shoes. Now days, they wear shoes that is made out of goat skin.


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